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  1. Hi Mike
    Hope you are well
    We would like to speak to you re the work you did many years ago with Middlesbrough Swimming Club.
    many of us are still around, Tom Harforth one of the swimmers at the time is now our head coach and Aimee Willmott is now a successful international swimmer.
    I shall look forward to hearing from you
    sue campion

    1. Hi Sue,
      Lovely to hear from you. I’m very well, thank you. It would be good to catch up. When and where do you have in mind?

  2. Dear Dr Michael Sheard
    I studied your paper with title:”Progress toward construct validation of the Sports Mental Toughness Questionnaire (SMTQ)”.
    It is good paper about mental toughness. I am working on sport mental toughness, so I need SMTQ’ pdf and method of scoring. I need your permit.
    I am looking forward to receive their.
    Thanks for your help
    Best wish

  3. Good day.

    I am Alexis G. Ramirez, Doctor of Philosophy major in Psychology student from Far Eastern University – Manila, Philippines. I am now in my dissertation writing. My proposed dissertation is Development and Validation of Mental Toughness Program for Student-Athletes.

    I am planning to use the Sports Mental Toughness Questionnaire (SMTQ) and Psychological Performance Inventory-Alternative (PPI-A) as part of my research instruments.

    I commit to send to you the copy of the results.

    I am looking forward for your approval to use it.

    How possible to avail the copy of the Sports Mental Toughness Questionnaire (SMTQ) and Psychological Performance Inventory-Alternative (PPI-A)?



    Alexis G. Ramirez, RGC
    PhD Student, FEU – Manila
    Assistant Professor, Central Luzon State University

  4. Hi Mike,

    I am an undergraduate student in Applied psychology and I am writing my final project on mental toughness in basketball. I am contacting you to ask a permission to use the Sport Mental Toughness Questionnaire.

    Kind regards,

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